Skubz’ 5 Steps To A Better Government

  Posted: 5 Apr 2010

This post has long been brewing within me. Kind of like that feeling you get when you let something burn within until you just have to blurt it out. You hope those around you aren’t too offended, but you just can’t hold it in any longer. I know politics are supposed to be off limits, but I just can’t help myself.

With the recent passage of the healthcare bill and the expected heavy cost to the tax payers, I thought I would take this opportunity to offer up my opinions of how to best pay for this monstrosity. First, let me segue into saying, since these policies are not going to be implemented for another 4 years, wouldn’t it have made since to take our time and get things right the first time around? Anyways, on ward with my advice I would give to the man if I was ever asked. So with that, let’s move on with Skubz’ 5 Steps To A Better Government.

Step One, to stop the incestuous relationships and inherit evil that exists in Washington, I would implement term limits for every elected official. No more lifetime congressman.

Step Two, because someone will most likely complain that Step One will change nothing, since it’s really the special interests that run Washington, I would implement true campaign reform. Unlike the McCain/Feingold charade that only gave more power to special interests, this measure would eliminate all private funding. Instead, every qualified candidate would be given public funding to run for office. Yes, I know, lots of fraud would be possible, but something has to be done. Currently we only hear from 3 or maybe even 4 Presidential candidates in a given election. Much to my surprise, when I went to the polls, there were 6 people on the ballot. There should be equal voice given to all and the best ideas and representatives should move forward, regardless of their financial standing in society. Could you imagine your local postman running for President? Um…..wait, maybe not…no offense to my brother Mike, I might actually vote for him.

You are probably saying right about now, great more tax payers dollars going out and not coming in. Don’t we want less government, not more? Yes, yes, we are getting to that my friend, you just have to be patient. So on to the financial portion of this rant.

Step Three, eliminate the Federal income tax. That’s right, I said it, eliminate it! It’s antiquated and inefficient anyways. I suggest we implement a Federal Sales Tax. I know some of you are screaming at the top of your lungs at this one, but hold on, hear me out please. A Federal Sales Tax would equally tax everyone who uses the system regardless of their status in society. Rich, middle-class and poor according to what they can afford, since you don’t pay taxes unless you are purchasing something. You will also be taxing every illegal citizen and tourist who visits this fine country. This part is very important, so I’m going to repeat it for those likely to tune out new ideas they think are asinine. This system would be taxing every illegal citizen and tourist drastically increasing the taxing portion of society and reducing the burden on each individual. In other words, we can tax each person less, since more are paying into it, get it?

Now, I am going to stop hear for a second to take a breath and just say, I realize the Federal Sales Tax concept would just open up a huge black market for all kinds of goods and services that would allow people to bypass taxes altogether. I understand that, but it’s time for a change. Eliminating the Federal Income Tax would greatly reduce the size of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and would further save more money for the government.

Step Four, after some time, once the Federal Sales Tax is operating smoothly (yeah right) and the economy has rebounded from the sudden loss of so many government sector jobs, and the left is no longer screaming about the disenfranchised being taxed while the wealthy are getting off cheap and the right are no longer complaining about how they can’t bypass taxes with special loopholes anymore, we eliminate the Federal Payroll Tax, Inheritance Taxes and Interest Taxes. Everything that hinders this once great economy and it’s citizens from truly controlling their own financial destiny.

The elimination of the Federal Payroll Tax will encourage further job growth and may even stop jobs from being sent overseas. If a companies tax burden is transferred to the consumer, it will foster true growth in the economy. Of course, with the elimination of so many additional avenues of federal tax dollars, the Federal Sales Tax would have to be increased, but only incrementally, since again, the tax base is much larger.

Step Five, a measure would be put into place that would require a nation-wide referendum, a majority vote required of all citizens, similar to any local government, to allow for any increase in the Federal Sales Tax. This measure is very important, since we don’t want a Federal Sales Tax approaching 20-30%. Regardless of the percent the price of goods will seem step for awhile, however, like any thing worth doing, there will be some adjustment period, but in the end, the power will truly be back in the hands of the people where it belongs.

Of course I see lot’s of potential issues, even outside the aforementioned black market issue. Foremost (and I am going to make a lot of enemies on this one) online sales. In the new system, if online sales continue to not be taxed, it would just open up a large market to bypass the Federal Sales Tax. In my opinion, this loophole will be changing soon anyways. As commerce continues to become more web-driven, states will not continue to put up with a loss in revenue. However an additional issue would be any purchase coming from overseas, such as manufacturing, it will have to be Federally taxed, but this should be offset for companies by the elimination of the Federal Payroll Tax. Besides, if we are truly going to make this thing work, we are all going to have to get used of some changes, but isn’t it worth it in the end?

So that’s it. That’s my plan to overhaul our existing government and it’s messed up financial policies. The wealthy, since they generally spend more, will still be paying the largest portion of the tax bill, but we will no longer be burdened by a system that double and triple taxes its citizens. By taxing at the source of commerce, everyone pays and since everyone truly pays, we all pay less. It’s more efficient in the end, should generate more cash and be less of a burden on society. It might even allow the government to get out of debt one day…..nah, they’ll just think of new ways to spend more money.


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